The Night Bus from Yangon to Bagan Ruins


Hi, this is Alex!
We traveled from Yangon, Myanmar to Bagan by night bus in 2019, so here’s how to get there.
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Different Ways to Get to Bagan from Yangon

  1. Night bus: cheap and easy (recommended)
  2. Flight: expensive
  3. Other include local bus or taxi

In this case, air travel is not so different from a bus when you consider the travel time and waiting time at the airport. Traveling by night bus is cheap and easy, so we recommend it!
The price is about 17,000 kyat (about 12USD).
Other options include local buses and taxis but as they are difficult to find and a little uncomfortable in terms of security we chose the night bus.

A.How to Buy Tickets

After asking the hostel owner, he kindly walked us to a local booth that sold bus tickets. So we bought them there, directly from the ticket booth.
There are a few different companies that sell bus tickets, so if you’re okay with the price and the type of bus, it’s best to buy them directly at the booth. Going through tour companies will put on extra kyats.
Departure time: 19:00 (there are times to choose from)
Journey time: 9~10 hours
Price: 17,000 kyat (around 12USD)
Here is the ticket office location

An example of the ticket (this is a 2 person ticket)

B.Boarding Location

It is a bit tricky to get to the long-distance bus station from Yangon.
Make sure you know the name of the bus company. We went by taxi. Taxi fee: 12,000 (8.5USD).

The bus station is so huge and even if you arrive 30 minutes before departure, it’s likely you will have difficulties finding the correct bus company in time. We arrived 45 minutes early, but the bus station was completely jammed with cars and buses we managed to find and ride the bus a mere 5 minutes before our departure. Phew.

C.Arriving at Bagan and Getting to Old Bagan

When you arrive in Bagan in the early hours of the morning you will be dropped off at a bus stop near the airport rather than in Old Town.
It’s a long way and there are no buses, so you’ll have to take a taxi, but they definitely try to overcharge. It was dark when we arrived, so we didn’t notice it, but there was a sign at the bus stop with a quote on it. Here is where some great haggling skills will come in handy.
Price: 8000 kyat (600USD)

D.Things to Watch Out For

There is an entrance fee to enter Bagan. If you take a taxi from the bus stop, you will have to pay at a checkpoint on the way, so be sure to have some cash ready.
Entrance Fee: 25,000 kyat (18USD)


The total cost of transportation from Yangon was 62,000 kyats per person (17,000 bus + 12,000 taxi to the bus stop + 8,000 taxi to Bagan city + 25,000 entrance fee).
The bus is comfortable and the air conditioning is strong, so you’ll need something warm to wear. It’s also a good idea to bring some water, etc.

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