Myanmar – What to See in Bagan

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What should you do at the Bagan Ruins? Here are some recommended places to visit when visiting Bagan, how to rent a motorbike, delicious restaurants, recommended spots for sunset and sunrise, and recommended hotels.
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What are the Bagan Ruins?

Bagan Ruins is one of the sacred sites of Buddhism and one of the three largest Buddhist sites in the world. As it is called “Bagan Ruins”, there are many ruins scattered all over the large area of Old Bagan.
If you’re looking for a hotel or hostel to stay in, New Bagan is the place to go.
There is an abundance of restaurants and places to stay, and the prices are low.

A. Recommended Temples

1. Ananda Temple
2. Shwesandaw Pagoda
3. Sulamani Temple
4. Thatbyinnyu Temple
5. Dhammayangyi Temple
Every temple is impressive, but as of June 2019, none of them can be climbed.
It used to be possible to climb the larger temples for an awesome view of the ruins but the damage to the temples was so severe that it was banned.
You can still feel the grandeur of the temples just by looking at them from the ground.

B. Riding Scooters Around Bagan

There are places around town that rent out electric bikes. As the bike is an electric bike, so you don’t need gasoline or a license.
Price: Around 6,000 kyat a day (about 4USD)

C. Recommended Accommodation

As a backpacker we intended on looking for cheap places to stay, but as we were due to arrive in Bagan at about 4 am, we looked for a places with early check-in. where I could check in early.
Crown Prince Hotel

We were able to check in at 5 am with no extra fee!
Check out more about the hotel here.


Here are our recommendations for sunrise and sunset.

1. Old Bagan North Hill
This is a small hill, which is great for taking pictures and it’s not very well known, so it’s not too busy (as you can see in the picture below).
To get there, go to Yin-ma-na-hpaya and enter the small path. This path doesn’t show up on Google maps but it’s a great shortcut.
We went here for sunrise.

2. Brick Monastery

This area is higher than the surrounding area, and the temples are lined up so you can see a beautiful view. You can see the whole of Bagan, perfect for sunset and sunrise.

E. Recommended Restaurants

Our favourite is called Delicious restaurant in the center of New Bagan. The name invites a challenge mindset “Really, how delicious?” but seriously, all food we had was excellent. It’s also extremely cheap. We visited it many times during our short stay.
We were nearly late for our lunch-time bus out of Bagan because we had to go there one last time.
You absolutely must try the aubergine curry, showed here with yummy spinach patties. The coconut rice is to-die-for! While not advertised as vegan, it looked good enough for me.
Aubergine curry with coconut rice and veggie noodles. My mouth is watering even now.

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